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The track : Be Happy by Eddy kenzo

If you asked anyone who Kenzo is, the answer would be, “the guy of the Sitya Loss fame.” Some critics say he made a song bigger than him and by this they mean he can not go above the level he set himself with the Sitya Loss track. Looking at the artistic side of things, one must disagree because in art, one has to diversify as Kenzo does on his Be Happy track.
Eddy Kenzo discovered he can make musical sense out of simple phrases everyone uses. On this track, the instrumentals are the highlight. Produced by one of Uganda’s freshest producers Nessim, the man behind A Pass’s fame, Kenzo employs a continental African beat that almost renders the lyrics useless save for the chorus, because on this track, a listener can only remember the phrase Be Happy and the background echo, which on this track is “hello”.
This jam is a party song where Kenzo urges listeners be happy. He encourages his fans to hang out with friends and thank God for the gift of life. Surely one can tell Kenzo wants this song to cross boundaries by the fact that he sells his local language Luganda with a blend of Kiswahili and English.


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