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The music video : So Nice – Fille


First, let’s start with the bad news. This video has no storyline. It has no destination in mind. It’s lost in the dark alleys of trying to craft a storyline. Actually, it doesn’t even try to craft one; it completely abandons all efforts to have a storyline for viewers to follow.

Secondly, this video hides Fille’s baby bump. For this reason, we are served with half shots of Fille. The only time we have full body shots is when Fille is standing at a distance. And these shots are intentionally blurred. Last time I checked, Fr Lokodo had not banned videos that show those pregnancy bulges. Perhaps the video director wasn’t ready to take the risk or Fille was simply being mean, and denying us those wonderful visuals. Whatever the case may be this video fails on those two things-a nonexistent storyline and blurred shots of the baby bump.
Why the heavens should you watch this video? It artistically chooses a location that rhymes with its message. You notice that it sets the mood right from the beginning. The introduction of the video plays out like a beautiful well-painted art piece. You have an umbrella tree and those rays that together with the wavy blue waters of the lake converge on the horizon. If this scene doesn’t relay messages of love, nothing else can.
Fille gave it 100 per cent in this video, especially those scenes when she lies down on the grassy plains. She doesn’t just sing from the heart, she teams with life and embodies every aspect of a feminine woman deeply in love with an MC Kats of sorts. The way her skin glows leaves one in adoration. She is not just Fille in this video, she’s a visual Cleopatra.


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