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Sqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photosSqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photos

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The music video : Kigwa Leero – Bobi Wine & Nubian Li

Now that Valentine’s Day is done, one can get to review this video with objectivity. One, the general happiness displayed by the characters in this video deserves to be complimented. It’s one of a kind, very unpretentious, it seems to come naturally, and brings out the mood that the song aims at exhibiting. This is combined with the simplistic, old-school dance moves.
The clothing and costumes in this video fit the visual retro-futuristic cliché-it is nostalgic of the old true love, yet still in touch with modern times. If this video does get one thing right, it’s the dances. There’s that lady in a gomesi who dances suggestively with her head touching a man’s head. Then we have those two ladies who rush from the beach and bump into the wedding dance in their casual attire.
However, this video fails on two major aspects. It comes off very crowded and disorganised. It fails to capture and make a highlight of the main characters. It wastes a lot of time in trying to cover every detail to the point of missing out on what really mattered.
Then, it has those lighting defects. There are many shadows, which end up blurring the visuals. Because of the poor lighting, we miss out a great deal on those moments that would crack one’s ribs. For example, that moment when a guy stares at one of the ladies shaking what her mother gave her, is not noticeable to an unfocused viewer. Yet it’s one of the funniest. The lighting also fails to capture the beautiful natural location where this video was shot.  So, we have great characters and concept with poor lighting and directing.

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