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The dvd : Foster

Have you watched the mother of all horrific foster experiences, The Orphan? I shudder at each thought of this movie because it scared me so much when I watched it. I think of it every time I think of anything foster related. It definitely came to mind when I landed on Foster. Thankfully for me, I was in for a pleasant surprise, this is the exact opposite of the other movie. Foster is heartwarming, it feels like you are leisurely sipping at a nicely spiced cup of tea on a cold evening.
It features a couple whose marriage is struggling because of failure to get pregnant after the loss of their first child. The fact that Alec’s (Loan Gruffudd) business is not doing well doesn’t help matters. It is at this point that Eli (Maurice Cole) comes into their lives as their foster child. He immediately bonds with Zooey (Toni Collette). Apart from the fact that he is the most mature seven year old there is, he is so cute and takes their minds off their problems. He reminds them of how much they love each other and they rediscover that they can still be fun even when things are not going well. Eli is an angel. This is a good watch for any family struggling to have children. It is a beautiful watch.

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