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The DVD : Doom

I have nothing against “The Rock” but I was happy to learn that in this movie his wings were chipped. That is kind of a spoiler but it is one of the things that excited me when I watched this flick, I cannot write a review without including it. It should not stop you from watching this creepy action horror movie. It is pretty scary. In fact, I switched on the lights as I watched so that in case the scary creatures jumped out of the screen to where I was, I would see them easily and hopefully kill them. But even then, I totally enjoyed it because the scarier a horror movie is, the better.
It is about a team of marines led by Sergeant Asher “Sarge” (Dawyne Johnson “The Rock”) that are sent to a research centre in Mars to rescue and retrieve information. But it turns out to be a mission in hell, flooded with genetically engineered monsters. One man after another, the marines die and their leader decides to stop being sensitive and kill any monster just so they can get out of the place faster. Not everyone agrees, a clash leads to a fight, which climaxes the movie. But the climax is not the only interesting part, every scene is captivating but this is definitely no watch for children especially closer to their bed time.

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