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The DVD : 21

Find the square root of 1,000. Multiply it by 30. Divide the answer by 10 and multiply that with 10,000. Some people will get the answer to that after a slight twitch of the mouth and without having to use a calculator. Others will frown, pull out some hairs and get a calculator in an attempt to find the answer, while some will not even try.
The kind of people who solve equations in a flash are the focus of this movie. They are students identified by their professor (Kevin Spacey) who interests them in becoming experts at counting cards, winning millions of money from casinos in Las Vegas.
They win lots of money but unfortunately for them, they can only show off and live luxuriously while in Vegas because there, they can be whoever they want to be.
It is a joy ride until one of the new and greatest recruits, Ben (Jim Sturgess), gets carried away and costs the investor, the professor a great deal of money. Even though they make it seem legit, what they are doing is illegal. Soon they are on the wanted list of all casino owners and their luck like that of every thief runs out. This is one movie you can watch over and over again, it is intriguing.


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