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The dvd : No Good Deeds

If you think people can change especially for the better, this movie will take away the thought and hope. According to this movie, people can change momentarily when it suits them, but deep down, they are still the same people. It is true or wrong depending on one’s experience.
In this case, Collin (Idris Elba) is a charming sociopathic escaped convict who shows up at Terri (Teraji P Henson), a lonely mother’s home. He makes it seem like it is accidental, but unknown to her, he is seeking for revenge. While locked away, his girlfriend hooked up with another guy who happens to be Terri’s husband Jeffrey (Henry Simmons). He kills his girlfriend and a post card leads him to Jeffrey’s house, but he is away and only his wife and children are there. He decides to revenge but Terri is not ready to let him take it the easy way.
Collin has killed so many women before and he knew just how to deal with each until that point when they die. But that was before he met Terri, this woman will not go down without a fight. So fight they do, making this a very interesting movie to watch. You will enjoy it.

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