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Pallaso defies Jeff’s orders, makes up with Weasel

gsp-pallasoAfter releasing his latest, Very Sorry LP last Thursday, singer Pallaso seems like he wants to live up to his album-track’s literal meaning.
During his performance at Laftaz Lounge last week, Pallaso apologised to his fans that he had hurt through his fights and he also took time off and apologised to his elder brother Weasel, who was in attendance.
Going by the English idiom “Blood is thicker than water,” Pallaso said that nothing will ever get him against his own family. And to walk his talk, after his performance, Pallaso walked to where Weasel was seated and despite a little hesitation, Weasel stood and hugged Pallaso while the two whispered to each other.
But while many music lovers welcomed the gesture, the situation was different at the Team No Sleep headquarters in Makindye.
Reliable sources told us that Jeff Kiwanuka, the TNS manager was disappointed in Pallaso’s course of action. The source told us that Jeff had told all TNS members not to talk to Radio and Weasel or their protégés. The warning came after Bread Kenneth, a renowned supporter of Team No Sleep, was thrown out of the group over leaking information to Radio and Weasel.
However, Pallaso defied Jeff’s warning and he walked straight into Weasel’s arms. Our source told us that Jeff is not happy with Pallaso and the two had an ugly verbal exchange on Monday after spending close to four days without talking.

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