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Justine Nameere set to make a comeback on NTV


This should bring a smile to fans of former NTV Life Stories show and Bukedde TV Mini Buzz presenter Justine Nameere. After going through quite a lot last year, God must have heard Nameere’s cries and decided to breathe a new life in her. Besides leaving the Mini Buzz show on Bukedde TV late last year, Nameere was followed with humiliating scenes of arrest over alleged uncleared debts.
Rumour has it that the case saw Nameere spend some hours behind coolers, before a friend came to her rescue. But all that is now in her past; Nameere is finally having a sigh of relief after getting a new slot on NTV.
A reliable source told us that Nameere will be doing a whole new show, albeit related to her former Life Stories show, but with a totally different name and different packaging.
Although the show will run on NTV, Nameere will not be an NTV employee, she will instead be working for Buddies TV Productions, who are the brains behind the new show.
According to our source, unlike Life Stories, which only aired people’s problems to be known by the public, Nameere’s new show that is sponsored by a telecom company, will go further to extend help to the people that will tell their stories.
Nameere is already shooting several shows and the show will be officially premiered on NTV in a few weeks’ time! All the best Nameere!

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