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Date with a celeb : Vampino meets fan

From a musical family: Dancehall sensation Elvis Kirya,  commonly  known as Vampino was part of the Benon and Vampos duo in the early years of his music career. They broke up and Benon concentrated on music production while Vampos continued with singing. He talks to his fan Vivian.

How does it feel coming from a musical family?
It feels normal. Just like someone would feel coming from a lawyers’ or doctors’ family. You just have to be proud that you got a family and it’s the best gift one should appreciate in life.

Between the three of you, Maurice Kirya, Sabasaba and yourself, who do you think is more talented?
Maurice might beat us because he plays a guitar, yet the two of us can’t. But we all do different genres of music, so we are good in our own ways.

How old are you?
I’m 33-years-old.

Why did you decide to do dancehall music?
I chose dancehall and reggae music because I felt it’s what I could do best. I felt more comfortable doing those two styles.

I heard you formed you own crew. What is its name and what artistes are signed under it?
It’s not really a crew because I don’t believe in such. But it’s more of team work and I work with many artistes that are ready to make a mark and follow their dreams. I have loyal artistes that are in for the Vampshot Academy like Mr Rah, Slow Burn, Yata and the team from Swangz Avenue.

Does that mean you left Swangz Avenue?
I’m not part of Swangz Avenue as a company, but we work hand in hand.

Why did you have to separate with Benon yet your duo was working out?
Good timing. Always have a limit and move on to the next thing, but in the future, we will surprise you with something. Actually he works on some of my studio stuff because he’s a good producer.
What’s the secret behind your signature look of folding part of your trousers?
The main reason is because of the national flag. The Crested Crane on the flag lifts one leg upward, implying moving forward.

Give me three artistes you think made it big last year?
Sheeba with her dancehall vibes, Irene Ntale and Bebe Cool’s Love You Everyday were the biggest things last year.

What projects are you working on?
Smile with Irene Ntale, We Rule with Navio and My Ndongo alongside Keko.

What is the future like for Vampino?
I’m planning to open an orphanage and be part of the biggest promotion for pushing African music internationally through the connections I have. I’m also planning to host an African artiste every year in a festival.

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