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Date with a celeb : Naira Ali talks music and motherhood

Not new: Naira Ali takes the front seat among artistes who broke out last year with tracks like Okikola Otya and Tulo. She talks about her music experience with her fan Shiella.

Hi Naira Ali. Please tell me about yourself?
I describe myself as young, beautiful and talented. I was born on the December 5 to Mr Ali Ssesanga and Ms Hawa Ssesanga of Masindi District. I went to Muslim Girls Primary, East High School, Ntinda for my O’Level, Kibibi Secondary for A’Level and graduated with a Bachelors of Industrial and Fine Art majoring in graphics designing at Makerere University in 2012.

Are you married?
Not yet, but I’m engaged to my daughter’s dad.  I have been dating him for the past eight years.

What has been the driving force behind your relationship, many people break up after just a few months?
Love has been the main factor as to why we have been able to stick together for this long.

What is love according to you?
It’s a mutual feeling between two people.

How many people have you dated in your life?
I had my first boyfriend in P.4, but officially it was in S.1. We began dating with the father of my daughter while I was in S.6.

How old are you?
Women don’t mention their age.
What keeps you going in your music career?
The passion and commitment I have for music. Whenever you put your heart to something, it’s always achievable.

How many songs do you have?
I have a 12 track album to be released later this year with songs like Tulo, Okikola Otya, Muntuwange, Sweet Thing and Dancing Tonight among others. Shy Gal is the new project we have worked on with Ziza Bafana.

Was your family supportive when you started singing?
I started singing in 2008, but did only one song and took a break to concentrate on education and when I completed campus, I gave birth and raised my daughter until last year when I decided to resume my career. My parents didn’t know until they saw the Tulo video on TV, but they were okay with it because I was grown up, independent and I had a daughter. They support me every now and then.

What do you do apart from music?
I own a printing and graphics designing company called Global Datacard  located at Twese Plaza on Nasser Road.

Who is your favourite Ugandan artiste?
Mowzey Radio and Maddox Ssemantimba. Both are talented, original and don’t force their voices.

What do you hate doing?
Backbiting and washing dishes.

Do you have any phobia?
Snakes and Aids are the two things I fear the most on earth.

Everyone gets pissed at some point. What is that thing someone has ever done to you that you wanted to slap them?
I was in club one time and mistakenly, I stepped on a woman’s shoes but she shouted at me that I’m a careless bitch who even didn’t know how to dance. True, I don’t know how to dance but she didn’t have to say it to my face. If it wasn’t for my friends, I was going to put her in her place.

What’s with the hairstyle?
It’s my brand and it defines who Naira Ali is, but that doesn’t mean I can’t change it. This hairstyle defines the Urban/African artiste that I am.

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