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Buddies Campus series to finally air

gsp-kazooraA few years back, Buddies Productions, a company owned by former TV star Junior Dave Kazoora aka JK, hatched an idea to do TV series. JK managed to gather a group of renowned comedians such as Anne Kansiime (before her star shot way too high), Tindi Veronica, Frobisher Lwanga, Dickson Zizinga, and Isaac Kuddzu.
The series was named The Campus. However, back then, even after finalising a few episodes, JK failed to get a respectable sponsor for the series and he chose to shelve the production. But he didn’t give up on the idea. A few years down the road, JK went into his cupboard, got the production, dusted it and stormed a top brewery and asked them what they thought.
After some internal consultations, the brewery bosses called JK and asked him to revise his quotation a bit and then prepare to sign. As you read this JK has already signed a year-long deal with this brewery as the main sponsors of the TV series that will begin showing in a few weeks’ time.
But while he had secured a sponsor, JK had a nut to crack in signing up new contracts with the original cast. It was never going to be easy and JK had to plan fast. We have it on good authority that JK called the original series director Philip Luswata and the two agreed to get a new cast for the series.
And as you read this, a new cast is at a hand and filming is ongoing for the upcoming The Campus  TV series that will start showing on a major TV station in a few weeks.

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