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Sqoop: At just 25, Deception’s leading lady Monica (real name Irene Milka) is taking her acting career seriously.

Ssanja Erie Ssemafumu: 25 years is also deception.

Akullu Miriam: Hahahaha…. this is not funny deception …. 25yrs… with all those mature eye balls?

Kamanyire Frankline: So deserving, mwaaaaaa.

Margaret Mukundane: l like her calmness.

Tumwine Timothy: Shez indeed yet to understand. 1st, She is single. 2nd, She has bn seeing sm1 for one year. 3rd, she is staying wth him. We wait for 40yrs just when they start understanding.

Atlas Perez Kato: No comment.

Komakech Deogracious: Sweet sugar..! I lov her acting but one day …!

Nam Peter: I don’t blv ha age.

Atibu Ismail: You are da best.

Atukwase Harriet: She’s young, just coz she has a body for that am sure.

Peter Kitayimbwa: I love the way you act my dear Milka.

K’bra Solomon Fabian: You deserve it Monica.

Obwoya Denis: Waapi she is fake.

Carol Musiime: U a da best mai gal.

Luks Moze: Bambi she good

Joan Stella Nakasala: U make mi wanna swty, u hv been da best always.

Kayondo Umaru: The best.

Kats Jackie: I Love U Monica@ Irene Milka.

Estar Lunyolo: Which tribe r u?

RustyMunyeiguru T Wilson: She is a Musoga and friend to Zuena

Jud Nem: Proud of u gal… make Busoga proud.

Ayebale Gideon: I like that lady.

Bakole Moses: Congs baby.
Mary Gorreti Kabazira: Always the best.

Ssanja Erie Ssemafumu: She is the best.

Milly Bayita: Naye gwe leka abafumbo batebenkele.

Bangirana Wycliff: Hahaha u like married men to run on your back.

Brandynah Pink: 25?!

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