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Acute Angle

The acute angle : Why I hate resolutions

Resolutions make me sick and that’s why I never make them. First of all, I do not understand why someone would wait until the start of the New Year to realise that this is the time to up their energy levels and draw this life plan that should eventually come good by the end of the year. Absolute rubbish. I have noticed resolutions put one under unnecessary pressure to accomplish one or two things that may ultimately not make that person happy. Obviously everyone likes to be goal driven and successful but when achieving those goals becomes an obsession, life becomes one big deadline that eventually weighs you down.
The many resolutions people make lack clarity and reason because people are not sure half the time why they are making them and for whom exactly. If losing weight is your goal for the year, the initiative to lose that weight should come from within and not because your boyfriend doesn’t seem to love you that way. The rewards of hitting the gym throughout the year should be enjoyed by you first.
I hate resolutions because of the way they are meant to highlight where you have not reached in life and diverting you from celebrating where you have come from. Resolutions tell you what you are yet to do and ignore what you have done and I find that annoying. It’s like everyone has a pen and paper listing down what to do or not do, when to start what or when to stop. The kind of rigidity is not what I can subscribe to and I find it particularly shallow.
Unfortunately, I do not see life as a syllabus where everything  you do is judged by what is written in the book but rather making the best of life and what makes me happy. So what if I made these do or die resolutions and they do not come to fruit, do I kill myself? Hell no. I hate these resolutions because they take spontaneity out of life. People take life too seriously sometimes yet they should be out there living it up and enjoying the best life has to offer.
My goal every year is always to be a better and happier person than I was last year and it always starts with each day. I try to make sure my tomorrow is better than today but of course that always doesn’t happen because the devil is forever on standby not to see you prosper. It’s like the devil is always waiting to trip you at the finish line.
To be honest, I hate resolutions because they expose me for the lazy hardcore procrastinator that I can tend to be sometimes. That gym arrangement of going three times a week can have me start work outs vigorously for the first two weeks before blaming a skin rash for missing out on work outs for the remaining 50 weeks of the year. I am that bad and I hate it, that’s why I won’t go through the heartache of making resolutions and not accomplishing any of them by the end of the year.  I am the type who will keep saying that I will go back tomorrow and tomorrow just never comes. Good thing is that I don’t give up easily so I keep trying and so should all of you. If resolutions are your thing, do them for no one but yourself and these resolutions should be able to make you happy and improved as a person. Nice weekend guys.

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