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Fashion tip : with Gloria Haguma

Faux fur. Go slow on it because there is no winter in Uganda
Today’s tip may not seem very relevant here in Uganda given our climatic conditions, but at the end of the day, a girl has to make a fashion statement no matter what the cost. So in this new year, the one item that you should be saving up for is the faux fur jacket.
Faux fur is a very rich and sophisticated fashion piece that can turn even the most boring of looks into the perfect ensemble. When you choose to try out this trend though, base on where you are wearing it to and the weather at the time. For instance, if you are wearing it during day, then wear it in small bits like a cropped sleeveless jacket, or maybe a little neck shawl.
If you are wearing it at night, then you can wear it as a coat, to keep you warm, but not too warm, meaning you will have to take it off at some point.
The thing about this trend is that it can get very heated up, so it’s not the kind of item you wear every day especially if you live in this warm Kampala.
Also, fabrics such as leather, denim and satin may not be good choices for matching with your faux fur.
This is not the kind of item you will find everywhere, so if you intend to go shopping, then start with uptown shopping points like Sylvia Owori, Lady D at Acacia Mall, or even Woolworths.

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