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Connie Tiffs

Connie’s tiffs : Why are our local celebrities such copycats?

I like how our local celebrities can try to catch up with all these international celebrities.
At one point while this upcoming local artiste Margla was pregnant, she posed nude to expose her baby bump and flashed it all on social media.
On the other hand Bobi Wine conducts a DNA test and hurriedly informs all and sundry how he had discovered that he is not the paternal father to one of his then brood of four.
As if that is not enough in comes Weasel’s fiancé having fresh photos of her and their newly born baby taken immediately after birth, straight out to the social platform. The list goes on and on.
Oba what’s the fuss? Well for Margla, I doubt that anybody cared about her poses and all, after all, when does she ever dress up really?
Then for Bobi Wine, should we assume that his guilt got the best of him?  Isn’t it amazing how people can kick and dance aimlessly after the damage has already been done? Not even those boring lines of “I travelled, made the biggest mistake of my life and had a one night stand” could fetch sympathy.  I mean how possible is it that a “one night stand” made him believe beyond measure that the kid was his for all those years? Please excuse me while I laugh out loud!
Then in comes Weasel’s Samira. Congratulations are in order by the way, but how on earth can one let anyone take a picture of their baby immediately after childbirth, and even let them post it mbu to announce its arrival?
Okay, what happened to cleaning up, dressing up the little one and taking a cool photo for all to see?
Jeez! Our ancestors must be whining in their graves as some of these things happen! I still do not get it, but let’s get one thing straight. If we are going to do the copycat thing, then we better do it right.
Now, that could start by first establishing what is relevant and not relevant for the public’s eye. And if you get lost in the moment, for the lack of a proper way to deal with living in the limelight, then borrow a leaf from some international celebrities who are being copied here.
I mean despite being super popular, I did not see international artiste Kanye West’s baby- North West exposed in such a manner or his wife, a reality TV personality Kim Kardashian showing up immediately (after surgery) but a few months after child birth. Ever wondered why she did that given her never ending hunger for the spotlight?
Well, I will let you draw the conclusion.

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