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Connie Tiffs

Connie’s tiffs : Don’t reserve a table and act like you booked the entire club

The night life at most of Kampala’s happening spots has switched from paying entrance fees to reserving tables by buying a bottle of certain popular brands of liquor. Now since most of the owners do not give prior information about how things happen down there, many first timers are left in the cold as they try to establish how to go about the issue especially when it’s a little too late- read- all the tables have been reserved. It’s even funnier when the culprit in question is one of those local celebrities who in one way or another feels like they have made it, so the world has to bow as and when it suits them. Talk of being “soo Ug.”
Just like this chap, one of the longest serving radio presenters at a Kisementi  based radio station who strolled into Sky Lounge (a popular hangout located at Kisementi in Kololo), all clad in a white suit with his signature dreadlocks falling loosely from his fedora hat. His confident look went down when he realised that all the tables he was aiming for were reserved. Being the kind that never gives up easily, he squeezed and rested his crew at an area behind one of the reserved tables and immediately indulged in the usual loud chat as they huffed and puffed away.
This did not go down well with the crew at the table. You know that sort that spends peanuts and acts like self-made bourgeois? Yeah… they called for the security personnel and ordered him to bounce this veteran radio presenter.
I bet you know what followed; chaos ensued characterised by empty threats, quarrels, name it, such that the imaginary self-acclaimed bourgeois’ had to flee and let this “loud veteran local celebrity” do what he knows best-hurl insults while assuring all and sundry that he will not be bullied in his own territory. Perhaps, referring to the Kisementi area; indeed if all wishes were horses… Jeez! The pain that some people can subject the rest of us to in the name of proving a point eh!
While I may not agree with the ruckus that ensued, I have issues with people reserving a table at any hang out and think  that it is the green light to owning the place and as-if enjoying a private party. This whole drama of calling security, managers in charge and ordering them around like they own them simply because one has spent some little dimes is ridiculous.
Some people can want to be unnecessarily relevant. But here is one simple trick; next time you visit a place and want to feel like you own it, book the entire hang out or reserve the whole section as opposed to securing one table and imagining that every little space around comes with the package only to end up with a bad mood thanks to assuming the impossible, huh?

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