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Connie Tiffs

Connie’s tiffs : December was just drama

Have you ever taken time to critically study the environment around you in December? I do not know about you but I have and sometimes I just shake my head in dismay. I know the festive season in most cases comes with a lot of pressure. There is pressure to make high sales, make money to spend on so many things, ensure that there is a lasting legacy between the customers (to the business owners) and catching up with loved ones.
However sometimes it comes with a lot of “misses”. For example, did you see all those  is artificial, snow white Christmas trees, coupled with “Santa” in all forms of colours from yellow, to gold at varying shopping malls around town?
What is this madness all about? “Christmas is around the corner,” was the answer that one would get to this question. But does that mean copying all sorts of things that are irrelevant in the name of sticking to the theme? Whether it is to cater for their different customers (including the popular kivez) or it was done to give a fresh angle to the whole decoration craze, I think it looks totally off. Oba, who told these folks that Christmas has to have snow, regardless of the continent and weather conditions? We need to keep the message home as opposed to “copying and pasting” which only proves the lack of creativity.
Then we have those groups of people who will wait until the festive season to travel to different parts of the country, or outside countries and make noise about it. While I may not have a problem with it (because one can choose to relax how and when they want to do it depending on their income) I hate it when they make a big deal about it. I mean blow about the trip to all and sundry, from the loud chats at the bar, workplaces ahead of the trip to the constantly annoying updates on all social platforms.
You wonder, are these chaps aware that there is a class of people who take holidays on a weekly basis? So why not take a chill pill?
Let us not forget the ones who head to the village and carry everything from the mattresses to the food as if they are going to a totally deserted place. I mean, doesn’t it shock you when you see some ka Ipsum packed fully with the tu heads inside the car seeming like they will suffocate anytime, with a mattress on top of the car and chicken hanging from all corners with the driver smiling on as they head out of town? And they say they are going to the village to celebrate the birth of Jesus? Why travel that far, if it is such an inconvenience? Why not set up a proper structure down there such that on such days one does not have to move like they will never come back to the city? Oh Ugandans!
I bet by the time you read this, the excitement, lack of creativity, laid back or even high moments will be history as we have started a new year. But like the saying goes, sometimes, “ignorance is bliss” so enjoy yourselves, how and wherever!

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