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The acute angle: 2015: The wrap up

I cannot believe we have seen the last of 2015. It was such a year full of drama, lots of scandal and a lot of political hysteria ahead of the 2016 general election. In fact, much of the latter part of the year was dominated by so much political hullabaloo that it got irritating to some point. It was the same old shameless politicians promising us heaven and earth for votes. Even Ragga Dee, a faded artiste decided to swap music for politics. That for me was one of the highlights last year. Sevo has looked unusually panicky. His former bestie Mbabazi has not given him peaceful rest at night.

Besigye, on the other hand, has remained the same noisy and irritable opposition leader we all know. But seriously, who kidnapped our VP Edward Ssekandi? Dude is nowhere. It’s been Sevo running around the country attending almost every function, from baptism parties to bore hole launches.

Last year, socialites continued to be that eyesore that just won’t heal and a huge cog in our society. Just when you thought Zari’s exportation to Tanzania would heal us of the socialite plague, her reign as Kampala’s number one socialite remains unrivalled. A relationship with Tanzanian crooner Diamond Platnumz seems to have played a huge part in affirming that status. The Desire Luzindas and the Fabiolas of this world were not far off. If anything, their mere existence was always enough to get people talking. The tabloids survived on such people and Ugandans seemed to love anything about them.

Musically, the old guard of Bebe Cool and Chameleone seemed to have gotten a push from the younger artistes like King Saha, Eddy Kenzo and others. Sadly for Bobi Wine, his musical obituary is in the offing because the guy has been in a serious decline and struggled to keep up with the big boys last year. Songs like Kigwa Leero faintly reminded us of the huge talent he has. On the flipside, his humanitarian causes and business acumen made him stay relevant. In general, Ugandan music particularly the videos have improved and it is no surprise that some musicians received continental attention. This is why Kenzo remains Uganda’s best export, of course, with the hilarious comedienne Ann Kansiime. Ugandans were on a roll last year. Concert regulars were rescued from the usual washed up Jamaican acts like Konshens and Shaggy to International stars such as Ne-Yo.

The scandal lovers enjoyed seeing Anita Fabiola skinned alive after her nudes leaked. Robinah Mweruka, a TV news anchor was also shamed for a leaked sex tape, shortly after that and a string of many other sex scandals unfolded last year. The famed Pastor Yiga was unmasked as a manipulative sex pest who fathered countless children with so many women. Kleith Kyatuhaire, a TV personality had to wait a little longer to surprise us with some nudes of her own in early December. There you have it. Let’s wait for what 2016 has to offer. Happy New Year everyone!

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