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The track : Kuma Obudde – Lillian Mbabazi


If keeping time is one of your resolutions this year, then Lilian Mbabazi should top your playlist with her latest single Kuma Obudde. This songbird has been in the music industry since her days as a member of Blu3 a decade ago, and her strong vocals have been her lucky charm since she embarked on a solo project.
Back to this single, which was produced by Swangz Avenue’s Nash, it is brilliant piece of work, especially when it comes to syncing the artiste’s vocals and the instrumentals to produce a danceable zouk jam.
The storyline is the peak of this song therefore one really has to dance as they sing along. Kuma Obudde means keep time in English. On this track, Mbabazi is an anxious lover waiting to be with her man, asking him to be on time when she calls on him. Verse after verse, she assures him of unending love, something I believe should give her lover the urge to move faster to get to her.
From the first to the last verse, a listener can actually say this is just a perfect song because it has simplified lyrics, good instrumentals and just the right person delivering it.
However, this track has almost the same feel as Vitamin, a song she did with Weasel.

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