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The music video : Ebirooto – Ruth Grace

2015 is really getting off to a good start, not with such awesome videos as the one of Ruth Grace, a 16-year-old winner of a music reality show. Ebirooto is basically a video about dreams that come true and the storyline is hinged on different characters whose imaginations are actualised.
We have this guy who saves his way from scratch by putting his money in a piggy bank. Then we have a student who transforms his grades from an F to an A. Ebirooto has a man who is chasing this lady, but hasn’t mustered the courage to approach her. Finally, he gets the opportunity to hand her his business card. We are left in suspense; the viewer is not certain whether the girl ever calls. Perhaps she did call, considering these are Ugandan girls we are speaking of.
The location set-up is carefully chosen. The cliff and the view of the lake awaken the inspiration moods that should serve as cherry to the song. Since dreams come true, and with them comes a brand-new life, which is expressed by the wonderful views of the lake and the airy winds that keep blowing off Ruth’s hair and dress.
Speaking of the camera angles, they save us from the usual straight-shot ups that make up Ugandan music videos. The high-altitude camera shots draw the viewer into the music video and keep one engaged till the  end. Certainly, using the black-and-white creates this impression of a back-in-time, when the dreams are still at their incubation stage.
I find the Ebirooto video flawless. It gives us Ruth Grace in both portions, as a star and as a young innocent girl. This angelic nature is complimented by the white colour of her dress.

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