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The movie : Fury


Starring: Brad Pitt, Logan Lerman, Shia LeBeouf, Michael Peña, Jon Bernthal, Jason Isaacs
Director: David Ayer
Genre: War drama, fiction
Running time: 134 minutes
Now showing at Century Cinemax, Acacia Mall, Kisementi and Cinema Magic, Naalya

There have been a plethora of war movies shot in every setting there is. From battleships and submarines to jungles and sandy deserts, there is a feeling that every place has been explored. Yet Fury proves that there are still different aspects of war that can be explored.
Fury follows a tank crew of six –Waggoner (Isaacs), Travis (Bernthal), Garcia (Peña), Swan (LeBeouf), Ellison (Lerman) and their leader, Collier (Pitt) or Wardaddy as they call him. All the members of the crew are veterans except Ellison. The movie is set towards the end of World War II when the Allies made their final assault on Europe, particularly Nazi Germany. The crew and their tank, Fury, are part of the Allies.
While the rest of the crew is battle hardened and therefore has no qualms about gunning down people and all the ugliness that comes with war, Ellison has trouble adjusting to life in the tank and war. Wardaddy will have none of that and quickly gives him a “baptism of fire” into what being at war really means. Despite, their seemingly hardened exterior, the crew is still very much in touch with humanity. In short, the movie puts a face to the people whose vehicle usually gets more attention.
Director and screenplay writer, David Ayer succeeds in making us relate to the cast, never mind that they are in a situation not many of us have been in.
Perhaps it is because he went for authenticity in every aspect of the movie. Despite the movie being fiction, he drew on experiences of various veteran tank crews. It also helps that the tank used as Fury is an actual tank borrowed from a museum, so it does not have that made-up feeling that props sometimes have.
The movie definitely gets your attention. I wouldn’t call it entertaining, but it is definitely gripping.

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