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The dvd : Jerusalema: Gangster’s Paradise

The movie starts with the climax, the story and the post climax, which is the best way to present it because it grabs and holds your attention almost till the end of the 120 minutes. Just when you start shifting in your seat, it ends. Like the title suggests, the movie is about a city where going straight is only an option if you want to starve.
Even getting an education didn’t help matters. This is during the post-apartheid era in South Africa, when crime was at its peak. Lucky (Rapulano Seiphmo) fails to get a scholarship to his dream university and eventually drops out of school to become a casual labourer. Even after getting a glimpse of how sweet dirty money can be, together with his best friend Zakes (Ronnie Nyakale), they insist on getting their money the straight way and set up a car wash. They work so hard for so little. With their little savings, they get armed and get into the business of stealing cars. Their gangster work gets bloody and they try to lead a straight life, only for them to be robbed. After that, there is no turning back. They rob their way to the top and even find a way to make themselves look legit, but for how long?
This an interesting watch, you won’t notice its length but might question how it ends.

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