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The dvd : Equilibrium

dvdIf you could choose between an emotionless world and one where people feel, what would you choose? The downside of life like the painful heartbreaks, loss of dear ones, property, endless illnesses make an emotionless world pretty attractive. Imagine being dumped by someone you thought was Ms Right and moving on to the next girl without feeling the slightest of heartaches.
For the people in the world where humans do not feel, it is compulsory to take meds every day to keep the feelings at bay. It is the nation of Libiria. Here, all forms of feeling are illegal – if you are happy you will be killed just like if you cry.
John Preston (Christian Bale) is a high ranking official in enforcing and punishing the offenders of the rules. But now and then, he dreams about his wife who was arrested and killed because she felt. These dreams and skipping of the daily drug rejuvenate his senses.
But with a shrewd partner like Brandt (Taye Diggs) who wants his position, he has to keep his emotions far away or lose everything.  Both worlds cannot exist, so they fight each other. It is interesting to watch which one triumphs and how it does so.  This is an interesting science fiction flick with bits of action that will keep you glued on your silver screen.

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