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The dvd : Ask Me Anything

This girl in the movie, Katie (Christian Slater) is something else. She is an open book and that is not because she is easy to read, it is because if you ask her anything, she will tell. She is wild, fun and beautiful – the kind of girl you want to be get involved with and let her go as soon as you can. Katie decides to take a year off before college to find herself. She sleeps around with almost every older guy she meets. When she gets pregnant and doesn’t know who the father is, she reflects on what she was told are the 10 bitter truths about adult life and these are:
1. Complete honesty is a complete lie.
2. Marriage is sacred only to those who have never been married.
3. Money is more a goal into happiness than romantic love.
4. Every human being is a contradiction, some hide it better than others.
5. Never underestimate the tendencies of human beings to act contrary to their own best interests.
6. If it was not for the fear of being caught, most of us would behave like savages.
7. All sex has consequences, most of them die.
8. The older you get, the faster time flies until months pass like days.
9. There is no such a thing as happily ever after.
10. Everything gets worse.
Could they all be true?

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