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App : HD Widgets

H D Widgets is one of the most popular and successful widget packs in the history of android. Putting together an attractive blend of clock weather and switches for functions with apps, which have more than 100 carefully designed options for android phones and tablets, this app can replace phone manufacturers’ widgets.

Its latest version 4 comes with a lot of features. Most notable are a few widgets such as the 7 and 10 day forecast widgets, location based widgets, single column widgets, and smart weather stat widgets that are now included. There is also a new interface with sidebar navigation as well as an hourly bar graph for one’s weather if one chooses to use it.
One can make the widgets look pretty much the way they want. This app allows personalisation with a plethora of sizes from one by one to gigantic tablet sizes if one needs them. HD Widgets has two options for design colourform and the new update called kairo, which just gives users hundreds of design options. For a nice home screen this is the right app a smartphone user needs.


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