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The track : gundeze – king saha

saha2014 must be King Saha’s year because he keeps on pulling listeners closer to him. Just like the title of one of his tracks Gudenze, Saha sings not only an appreciation song to his fans for their support, but also a love song that surely wows the ladies. If one has been following King Saha’s music, they will realise he is no longer the artiste who used auto tune, he shows his vocal expertise especially on this song.
He starts with a story of how he does not want to stay without his lover.  He continues assuring her of how she is his hiding place on a rainy day, he feels shy to tell her about the days he was a stalker and is glad he is on his way to a wedding day.
The chorus is the part of the song every listener grasps and loudly sings along. He sings, “Omukwano gwo gundeze, nga ninda…” he repeats that line about eight times in a dialogue form where he sings the first three words of the chorus in high pitch and the last two at a lower pitch.
Throughout the three verses, he continues worshiping his lover with different pickup lines. Apart from his interactive lyrics, the instrumentals sync perfectly with his vocals, giving the song a very danceable feel.  One would not miss this track on their wedding or kwanjula play list.

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