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Mun G officially visits lovers’ parents


This will surely rub so many ladies out there the wrong way, but we had to let you know. The latest on our desk is that rapper Mun G is no longer available. Yes, we mean, Mun G is taken. Mun G paid a formal visit to his longtime squeeze Clara’s parents last Thursday.
He was accompanied to Clara’s parents’ home along Jinja highway by fellow rappers GNL Zamba, Lyrical G, his manager Phillip and a few elders.
We bumped into him and his team all dressed up in Kanzus at Gabiro Bar in Bugolobi last Thursday and the comical rapper told us that he was ready to take the big step.
“This was just a formal visit for my in-laws to get to know me. Our introduction is coming soon and after that we shall take the big step,” Mun G said.
Mun G and Clara have been dating for over two years and anybody that has met the two out there shall agree with us that they are simply inseparable. All the best Mun G and Clara.

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