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Judith Heard donates to children in Kigali

Socialite Judith Heard was in her home country Rwanda once again, in just a space of three weeks. However, this time round, Heard was not modelling like she did at the Kigali Fashion Week, but the Nalongo simply chose to extend her big heart to hundreds of underprivileged children in Kigali.
Heard dipped into her pocket and went shopping for food stuffs, building materials, domestic items and visited two orphanages in Kigali.
Through her JH Foundation, Heard started off her charity at Gisimba Orphanage in Nyamirambo, a Kigali surburb.
She then headed to Kigali Sisters of Calcutta Orphanage where she played and interacted with the children. She, also assisted to prepare a meal that she shared with them.
Heard told us that she decided to donate to the children in Kigali because she felt it was time for her to give back to her little brothers and sisters back home. “I’ve visited and donated to tens of orphanages in Uganda. And all this long I waited for the day I could donate to the underprivileged in my home country. It was about time; Xmas just came early for the kids at Gisimba and Kigali Sisters of Calcutta orphanages,” she told us.

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