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App : Sound cloud


Soundcloud is a compilation of different tools and features that one may be familiar with in a different setting. Designed as a mobile social network for music, audio creators and their listeners, the service serves as a great way to share sounds while discovering new ones from friends and artistes alike.
While its hybrid nature leads to a few limitations it is ultimately an engaging and exciting way to interact with music and podcasts. Once a user has registered a new account or logged in an excising account, soundcloud takes one to the home screen where they start recording their own sounds immediately.
Sound can be anything from a song by a band to a diatribe uploaded as a podcast or spoken word track. Recording is very easy since there is a record button on every screen but this is only half of the fun on soundcloud. One can view, comment, share other peoples sound and can also search for sound by top artistes or podcasts already in the system. While knowing who is logged in is difficult the sound quality is quite impressive. Despite small issues with the home interface, a plethora of spam users and a confusing payment structure for accessing premium content, soundcloud is a well-designed music app that perfectly supplements a user’s needs.

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