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Aisha Nabukera wants to be a human rights lawyer


Aisha Nabukera, the girl who brought Frank Gashumba into the media limelight, is back on our pages.  Aisha is in the news because of her new revelations that she wants to become a human rights lawyer.
Aisha was the centre of news a few years back after she was tortured and even burnt by her step mother. Gashumba, back then, came in handy as a good Samaritan and took on Aisha and promised to look after her as his own.
Indeed, according to Aisha, Gashumba has done just that. However, it has not all been smooth for Gashumba as there was a time when the public demanded that he should account for the millions of shillings he had collected from different fundraisings he had organised to get money to fly out Aisha for treatment.
Gashumba managed to go through the situation by insisting he was doing the best for Aisha. Well, last week, Aisha completed her S.6 exams and she told us that she would like to pursue a degree in human rights law if she passes her exams.
Aisha, who has been on a scholarship at St Lawrence Creamland campus, told us that she arrived at the decision following her own experience.
We wish her the best.

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