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Hustler : Peter Oburutu

Oburutu’s passion is sound engineering and he makes sure clients get the best sound output at events.

What kind of business are you involved in?
I do sound engineering, and I’m also the head of programming at Extreme Music and Events Company.

What does Extreme Music and Events do?
We are into events management.  We offer sound, light, screens and more to ensure a successful event for any client.

What are some of the challenges you face doing this kind of job?
Unpredictable weather. Sometimes it rains suddenly and rain spoils some of our equipment. Also, accidents happen once in a while as we set up our equipment.

Where is Extreme music and events located?
We are situated in Ntinda Plot 65 Ssemawata Road.
Where did you learn sound engineering from?
I studied it online and then working with people who know what to do .

Where else have you worked besides Extreme Music and Events?
Before EME, I was working for Events Warehouse.

Why Extreme Music and Events?
It’s because we work as a family. If one faces a problem, we sort it out as a team. We are always there for each other.

What experience do you have in this field?
I have been doing this kind of job for 10 years now which means I have all the best qualifications one needs.

Why would I use you and not anyone else?
It’s because we are experienced, offer quality work, our prices are affordable and our equipments are reliable.

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