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The acute angle : Not Zari Again

Zari Hassan, the socialite, will excite you and disgust you in equal measure. She will excite your eyes out of their sockets with her flawless beauty, daring personality and disgust you with her peasantry ways of scouting for attention. Her parasitic approach of clinging onto any last hope to stay relevant with a ground-breaking scandal goes on to tell you half the story about how people will do anything to make it. She will sniff out any opportunity and pounce with little regard for morals, who is watching and will go on until she gets what she wants. You wonder why a beautiful mother of three would go around trading so cheaply, all for what? A newspaper headline. Really? Her beauty is her currency. The way she trades it so cheaply is what I don’t understand. The ping pong games she plays from one man to another reduce her stock greatly but I guess she is not one to care from what we have come to find out over the years. The opportunist in her is always on alert. You can count on her not to bask in Desire Luzinda’s shadow and have a sex video right in the works ready for release.
Obviously, she has an All White themed party coming on December 18, so the timing wouldn’t have been more perfect. She will tell everyone how the video that was released late last week was the venom of a jilted lover but knowing the kind of woman she is, it’s a video she might gladly film and direct then later release to create some kind of hype and anxiety. Her themed party is going to be a huge success but the journey to that kind of success is what worries me. Tanzanian popular singer Diamond Platnumz is the latest to get swayed by Zari’s charm and looks so much that his long-time relationship with his partner is now on the rocks. Zari could care less what people think and will be smiling all the way to the bank.
While her life doesn’t bother me, it’s the people who find her an icon of sorts that worry me. The people who think that it’s okay to use beauty as a bargaining chip to get whatever they want. You know using your beauty to advance in life. That kind of thing is what scares me. A young lady out there knows that you can manipulate the games of lust to your advantage and she will know that you can shed off your conscience all in the name of ambition.
There is so much talk about how people should do whatever it takes to get to the top and damn you are right people will do “whatever it takes”. If the shortcut to the top was playing kwepena with the boss under the sheets, people will take heed. It’s alarming. In a world epitomised by the hunger for power, money and success, Zari is just another player. It’s a game that is not for the faint hearted. It’s for the cold-blooded who are comfortable with seeing their nudes published in a newspaper and not get bothered with what their kids might say. If you are a secretary with a boring job and a burning a desire to make it to the top, helping your boss with his assignments in a hotel room might just be the best idea. Nice weekend guys.

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