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The dvd : The Nine Lives of Christmas


The thing about romantic comedies is that once you have established who the main actors are, you can guess what will happen, which is that they will end up together. But what is interesting is how they get there. This is a story about a handsome fireman Zachary (Brandon Routh) who adopts a stray cat that makes him meet veterinary doctor Marilee (Kimberly Sustad). She makes him change his mind about remaining a bachelor forever. The movie is based on a book.
One of the reviews I read notes that many characters show up to add action to the movie, though their scenes remain brief. It is probably a move aimed at trying to include most of the scenes in the book.
If you love cats, this is one cat that you will like.  A number of reviewers say the movie is hilarious and the actors did a good job.
The Christmas aspect of this movie is secondary but the lights, decorations and the young love make it a perfect watch for this season. Enjoy watching the movie and enjoy the festive season. Merry Christmas!

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