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The dvd : Closed Circuit

When lawyers have the kind of cases that would be termed as hard paper, they spend time reasoning with clerks, assistants and the like to make sense of the narrations and information gathered. But unfortunately Martin Rose (Eric Bana) and Claudia (Rebecca Hall) do not have that luxury because they are working on a high profile terrorism case and must therefore pretty much boil with most of their ideas and questions. The people placed in their way to help them are more of puppets and cannot help them fill in the blanks.
The two lawyers on the opposing side should not even be working on the same case because they had an affair, something that they decide to lie about. So they bicker endlessly but in the end, it is what helps them learn that pursuing the case to the bottom makes them go against the country’s strongest security system and the officials there will do everything in their power to stop the lawyers from revealing the secrets.
When all is done, it is them against the world what they decide will affect the future of their careers, families’ safety and so many other things. It is matter of life and death that is acted out pretty well. The movie effortlessly captures your attention, you will probably not look away till it ends and then it will hit you just how much you were taken up by it.

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