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App : Papyrus

If one misses writing notes with their own hands, a usable alternative is the papyrus app where one can use a stylus or a finger as a pen. This app opens with an overlay of instructions that takes one through the basic interface from renaming and navigating different notes, scrolling and zooming each page through using the various tools and colour palettes. Where most note taking apps focus on text, papyrus’s strength is in the quick access to the drawing tools ranging from quick switching of pen size and colours to an eraser that can undo an entire line with a single tap. However the downside of this app is that when one is drawing on the screen especially if one is taking cursive notes, results are comically large letters. One can navigate between notes depending on the page model, with the left and right cursors in the top margin to switch pages as well as space to type the title.  One also has a choice of paper styles to work with, be it lined, grids or blank pages. This app comes in two versions the free and paid versions. The difference is that the paid version gives a user the ability to export notes PDFS, backup and restore notes.

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