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Barbie in campaign for girls to stay in school


Two years ago, Barbie and a few friends founded a non governmental organisation that they named Caring Hearts Uganda (CHU). For the past two years, Caring Hearts Uganda has visited close to 17 schools around Kampala addressing different issues.

In their first year, CHU embarked on a campaign to provide vital and critical information on the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse among the youth. They took the campaign to schools, and the campaign couldn’t get better than her husband Bobi Wine joining in preaching the anti-drug gospel to the youths in schools.
During their second year, CHU have been running campaigns in schools where they educated the youth about HIV / Aids. “We encouraged them to go for testing, we also provided free counselling services to the schools we visited,” Barbie told us.
And as they approach their third year, Barbie and friends have embarked on yet another health theme to help the youth live better. “We are going to be giving appropriate menstrual management education to school-going adolescent girls residing in rural areas. Most of these girls are faced with challenges of absenteeism from school during menstruation, which leads to under performance,” Barbie told us.
She said their campaign will be launched at Cornerstone Secondary school, a highly populated school in Kiboga District, on December 5.
Barbie told us that Bobi Wine, will tag a long and emphasise the gospel on other things, especially drugs and alcohol.

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