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Hustler : Benon Tugume, aka Benie

What’s the name of your business?

Guapo Filmz.

When did you start it?
In 2000.

What does Guapo Films do?
We produce documentaries, movies, TV shows, we do screen writing, event videography and photography, film equipmental rental, mentoring upcoming filmmakers and screenwriters, plus film consultancy among other services.

How did you learn this stuff?
By volunteering to work with people that share the same dreams as mine hence learning skills free of charge. Also, reading a lot of books and making use of the Internet. It’s my lifetime dream to become a successful film director, screenwriter and actor.

How much did you invest in this business and how much is it worth now?
I invested about Shs15m and its now worth close to Shs35m.

How much would one part with to access your services?
My charges range between Shs500,000 and Shs4m depending on the nature of the job.

What are some of your works?
I have done documentaries for NGOs like House of Shalom Foundation’s documentary on Luzira prison death row inmates. I have done movies like New Intentions and I have worked at events of all types.

What challenges do you normally face?
Funding projects is difficult for me as an independent film maker. Then there are “slippery” clients that hire equipment sometimes disappear with them, and others damage them. Also, our society has not appreciated the power of film. Besides, technological advancement makes it costly because it’s ever changing and you must keep buying the latest equipment to give your clients the best.

And what benefits have you received?
It’s a source of sustainable income for me.
Some of my documentary films have helped attain funding for underprivileged Ugandans and my business has exposed me to serious business connections and great friends.
Besides, travel opportunities keep coming my way, this has exposed me to the rest of the world.

Where are you situated?
We are located in Bukoto, next to PPP offices.

How different are you from other service providers?
I’m a professional, so it’s all about quality and client satisfaction, the money will come if you guarantee the two.

Why would someone trust you?
Guapo Filmz is a legally registered company with a highly organised team of professionals. We have a physical address and the best equipment. We have managed uncountable events successfully and most notably we have just shot a movie called New Intentions directed by Kennedy Kihiray. I was the assistant producer… watch out for it.

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