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Here’s how you can give life to your boring hostel room


Our hostels are like our second homes. It is the first place you will call your place, even though you don’t pay the rent. It is that place you will lay down to rest after a long day of lectures. But if you treat it like a temporary room to get you through campus, you will miss out on that sweet luxury that makes you feel at home away from home. Here is a way to make your room look fancy, in a way that will see you looking forward to next semester and avoid frequenting home.

Colourful beddings
Unless your plan is never to wash from the time you step on campus until you leave, I do not see why you should have a boring black bed covering. Colourful patterns add life to the room. Pink, purple, and white are good colours for girls while blue, green work best for boys. Dull colours make your room look sad and that will not help give you a relaxed environment.

Coloured cushions and pillow cases
Instead of a huge bed cover that will worry you about washing it, opt for pretty pillow cases and cushions to add life to the rest of your beddings. They could be plain bright colours, or patterns. You can play around with different colours of your choice, these do wonders in killing the dullness.

Do you remember how in high school you kept a book with pin-ups of newspaper cut-outs of your favourite celebrities? Well, you could do something like that, but more advanced. Nice wall stickers can go for as low as Shs5,000 at Aristoc and they will do a great deal in lighting up the mood in your room.
Better yet, you can choose to personalise it by adding photos of the people you love. And the only cost you will have to incur is paper glue.

Colourful rugs
Campusers have a tendency of going for full room carpets and the colourful ones are quite expensive. Why cover the beauty of the tiles with a plain boring blue or grey or worse, black rug? Pretty rugs come in different colours and shapes. These range between Shs10,000 and Shs70,000, depending on your pocket. These add character to the room and make it warm.

You can also add colour to your room with simple antics like flower vases, sweet bowls, beautiful wording frames, lava lamps and others. These may be gifts or something that caught your eye once and you decided to buy it. These will add personality to your room.
What better way to finish this than trying to covince you with factual research? According to Lets colour magazine, studies show that different colours can trigger your mind to be more alert and creative. The right colours in your room could help your brain perform better, other than you lingering in the library all the time like you have no bed.

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