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The acute angle : The Instagram craze

Everyone on Instagram seems to be about the fabulous life. If it isn’t the guys posing with flashy cars or champagne, it’s your OG from Nakaseke Girls SS looking suspiciously lighter, like some sexy video vixen straight out of an American hip hop video. No ordinary people. This photo editing app has somehow been manipulated to create an illusion of someone that you stop to wonder if that’s the same person with whom you shared a double-decker back in school. All you have to do is ditch a peasantry look for a more refined look by simply dipping a snap into a photo filter and voila, you are reborn. The captions and hash tags that escort every picture upload are interesting. The things people will go through to afford a ‘like’ or a ‘you look beautiful’ comment. It’s insane! There are things that really amuse me.

A person who uploads a pic with such a hash tag is sending out a message to his people. He has finally found a job. How best can you tell the world you are now employed than uploading a pic looking lazy with an ill-fitting tie and visible office files in the background? This is a victory snap that shouldn’t be ignored.
The bathroom selfie
A selfie is never a shellfire if it isn’t done in front of the bathroom mirror. Bathroom selfies rule the day on Instagram. If your girl spends a little more time in the ladies, you can be sure that she is in some kind of photoshoot. This is the easiest way to find out if a girl went out last night. Ladies live for that moment when they are alone with the mirror and their camera and the caption will read: “At Fang Fang with my boo”. Eh tulabye!
On Instagram, you will find that ka Vanessa chic who gets ‘tops’ on credit also telling the world how she is living in the fast lane and how fabulous her life is. Of course, guys who don’t know her will gush at the jewellery and classy looks yet you know the real story. On Instagram, it’s criminal to show the world you are struggling, so afazaali you borrow clothes and show off.
“I am loving me”
Wait…you are doing what? Chic is leaning against a sink and is bluntly talking about loving herself. Since when? Of course, she doesn’t. Her pic would not have to go through an assembly of filters if she ever loved herself. This picture captions are also a clever way of dealing with a break up, just to show the other person how you are gladly loving yourself after they screwed up.
Instagram love
There is so much love on Instagram or at least that’s what it looks like. Right from the cute birthday messages to the throw back memories. Only thing is that this love is occasional. Until you birthday comes again, you won’t receive the same love.

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