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The acute angle : Nanny, that wasn’t funny

The scenes in this video were stuff of a horror movie. You fail to understand why a grown up woman would savagely pounce on an innocent two-year-old who simply had no ability of fighting back. I mean this was just a kid whose only crime was to turn down what would have been a great meal of Cerellac served by the Devil’s Advocate herself.
No single prison cell or psychiatric ward would be ideal for such a human being and that is if the creature we saw in the video was human anyway. For the parents out there, the thought of their little ones being subjected to that kind of tyranny would have been the immediate reaction and you would understand why mothers in particular have been the ones grossly affected by the acts of terror in that video. It was sickening and disturbing to the eye.
I can now imagine every young parent is in panic mode and will want to carry their toddlers to their workplaces and probably leave them at the reception and that’s very understandable but would that be the solution?
Do you simply phase out the nanny? That might not be so easy considering parents these days will put a paycheque before their family and while that seems utterly selfish, you realise the pressures of this world will force a parent to go out there and look for the bread that they would want to give their child after a day’s work. As the parent does all this, they have left their bundle of happiness under a stranger’s care. It’s a big risk that could turn out disastrous or helpful but most importantly, parents should realise that parenting doesn’t end when you step out of the gate so they should be involved all the way.
I honestly think a nanny should be your assistant when you are away not a visitor that has been sent by the devil to ruin your home. The problem is some parents want to treat these nannies or housemaids like bags of  filth  they would  rather not have next to their children forgetting how these seemingly ‘pathetic’ nobodies could ruin their children’s lives. If you treat them like garbage, they will surely treat your own like garbage. There is no question about that. Do not get me wrong. I am not justifying what the nanny did because I thought what she did was inhumane and unacceptable but I am only looking at the situation soberly figuring out how we can make the situation better in the future.
When you see how the lady stomped on the kid’s back, you see a woman who is devoid of emotion taking out her frustration on an inncocent baby in a rather bizarre manner and cuts a figure of a disturbed person. What I am not sure of is if she was disturbed mentally or by someone, but whatever the case the roles nannies play should be revised.
People should know the kind of people they are employing before they leave them their children or their households. Do background checks for crying out loud. What are you doing employing a person who has no second name, no history and no background? This particular lady caught on video lashing out at the innocent poor soul should rot in prison for all I care. Nice weekend guys.

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