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Connie Tiffs

Connie’s tiffs : I thought gate-crashing parties was a thing of the past !

You know how the in-thing of late is having small parties to cater for only the “relevant guests”? Yeah, and this comes with selecting a small section of any big venue to cater for their “limited resources and needs,” right?

Ahem! Blame it on the Western culture that has rendered the extended family and friends craze ridiculous, so a good number of people hide behind all sorts of curtains to cut down numbers to the tinniest “T”.
Anyways that is their business, back to the “party crashers”. While at some popular hang out in Bugolobi, a group of five babes strolled in, all ready and dolled up for the evening.
At the same venue there was a party being held at one corner. While several members from the crowd respected the section that was booked for that particular group of people, the five chicks, marched in and after five minutes of scrutiny and murmuring, walked to the party with their bold faces held up high and giving that confident impression of an invited guest.
Like most party crashers, they went for the expensive liquor and ate, minding less about the shocked eyes that kept on staring at them.
As a common case in Africa, the “polite hand” always chips in, since here “sharing is caring” but these girls kept on pushing all the wrong buttons (drinking like there is no tomorrow) at the expense of the owners, pulling all the wrong dancing strokes for the wrong crowd etc. In the end, they were thrown out, which, was such an embarrassment but who still crashes parties today? Some people are just insane oba?
And then we still wonder why some people end up in the wrong hands and blame it on the increasing crime rate in this country?
I mean, how will such a lot avoid falling in the devil’s trap given their already exuded desperate level? Such babes need to get serious.
Stepping out to have fun can be as simple as having the right reasons to party, backed up by a clear plan and financing, otherwise dressing up to crash just any party out there is simply ridiculous!

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