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The track : Tuli kubigere A pass


One word for Apass in his musical journey so far? Progress. From his breakout hit Am Loving, Apass is not about to stumble in his musical journey. On this jam he manifests progress throughout his lyrics.
Tuli Kubigere simply means we are walking. This song has four short verses that narrate his success story. When one listens to this song, he will not only take it as a danceable tune but also an inspirational one. The chorus is the most inspiring. He sings “Bali mumotaka fe tuli kubigere tulinze sente zaffe ziwere…” which means, “we are walking while others are driving, but are working hard and saving money to get there.” This chorus gives a listener morale to work hard.
In the first verse, he assures his listeners how he is not like other artistes with musical allergy. On to the second verse, he sings about destructions and separation of time. In his illustration, he tells his ladies that he has no time for a dirty bad mind and they should wait for their time, probably when he is free.
The third verse is his triumph stage. He sings how he is shining and he is better looking than he was. Lastly he shouts out to his fans to support him so that he doesn’t fall. I must say Badi Music did a great job with the beats that sync perfectly with this story. However the track has no climax, one may think it is still going on. Guess it’s to be continued.

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