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The track : Nabbosa – Ray signature

If one did not know the man gifted with the pen and paper to write the sweet lyrics in Rema Namukala’s Deep in Love, the lyrics used by Irene Ntale in Gyobera and Fille’s My Husband, it is Ray Signature, who I must say is good at what he does especially when it comes to writing love songs.
He started out in a singing trio called Bigtym in 2010, before he embarked on a solo music journey. His latest project is Nabbosa where Ray sticks to his love topic. On this track, he sings about a girl he always admired, a girl he once thought would not have fallen in love with him.
Throughout the song, Ray sings of how she is the perfect one and even asks her to marry him. These lyrics aren’t a surprise, but the good thing about his track is that it has every aspect of a complete track. Most Ugandan artistes especially the up and coming ones do not have bridge joining a verse and the chorus. Nabbosa’s bridge gives the song flow and better yet, a listener can easily pick the lyrics.
His vocals sync well with the instrumental making it danceable. However, when you listen to Ray’s song, you will realise it is similar to an oldie from back in the day. For example the beginning of his chorus, “… gwe wankuba Nabbosa…” sounds more like that old school jam All That She Wants by Ace of Base. One may say he picks inspiration from the music he grew up listening to, but I say he lacks the ability to create something new when it coms to penning his own lyrics.

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