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The dvd : Drumline: A New Beat

This is an ordinary musical tale with a tweak in the music style. There are no surprises to expect which makes it a good watch on a lazy day. It captures the feel of the 2002 movie Drumline.
It is about Dani (Alexandra Shipp), a girl from a rich family. She refuses to follow the easy and conventional route of taking the Bimmer daddy gives her after graduation, asking dad to get her a job as she waits to go to college. When she defies her parents, they refuse to foot her bills, give her the car and money for upkeep.
And why is she going through all the trouble? Her love for drums. She wants to revitalise classical music involving drums that was once so popular that you would find people playing drums on random streets just like you find people dancing to hip hop. Dani joins a school that will make this dream come true and gets a part time job to take care of the bills. She has got to hustle hard.
While there she learns that unlike in the past, she can’t get everything she wants when she wants. Being part of the classical team gets hard especially because she is a female that wants to be part of the lead crew. With her parents ready to take her back when she says the word, will she give up and take the easy road? Watch and find out.

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