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Four One One

The type of lecturers you meet at campus

1. The sadist – Most students are scared of him. He comes to class, threatens everyone, he rarely smiles, and is always serious. He never gives an ‘A’ and when the result comes out, his courses are always a mass failure. He is usually the most hated lecturer.

2. The comedian – He is more or less a stand-up comedian. Always lively, students look forward to his laughter-filled lectures but once taken for granted, he can be shocking. He is usually stingy with marks.

3. The crazy lecturer – He rarely smiles, does things in an unusual manner, including speech (uses big English words), has a funny dress sense. He is always serious, doesn’t care what his students feel or think about him, highly unpredictable and lectures for three to four hours until the students complain.

4. The fatherly lecturer – He is mature, approachable, and friendly. He takes his time to extensively teach his students in such a way that once you fail his course, you know that you truly deserve to fail. He is the students’ favourite.

5. The lazy lecturer – He comes to class twice a semester (for course introduction and for revision, a week to exams). He doesn’t lecture nor teach, and only comes to read out loud while the students listen. He doesn’t care if you understand or not, and 15 or 20 minutes, he is done for the day.

6. The departmental dog – He takes advantage of any vulnerable female students, it doesn’t matter how young she is, and the sex addict just wants to get laid at the slightest opportunity. Hide your babe, sister, and daughter from him.

7. The story teller – 90 per cent of his lecture is the story about his days in the university and how serious, dedicated they were those days, how he still consults his 1973 lecture notebook. He talks about how bad the government and the school management is, especially if he is an ardent UPC  member. He usually receives at least 10 phone calls within a lecture.

8. The religious fanatic. This type of lecturer comes to class to preach the Gospel within his lecture, inviting the entire class to his church and mid week programmes. He is always gentle & Godly.

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