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Sqoop: KCCA Executive Director Jennifer Musisi at the KCCA festival. She rode in a convertible Mercedes … and then that “Nankulu” (Boss Lady) license plate!!!

Keisha Matovu: She deserved it coz she’s so hardworking.

William Tom Senior: Uganda’s vision 2040.

Wrong Gvt Stanlee: Who carez about that woman?

Mwidu Edwine Pedro: What d hell z Nankulu? That aside, nice organisation esp on side of security.

Joseph Lukyamuzi: Nankulu doesn’t amount to much without Ssenkulu, we need our Lord Mayor.

Jest BonnieFez: Hard Work, Hard Luck! Thtz Fi yah.

Mukasa Moses: Elias Lukwago I’m waiting 4 yo comment.

Charlie Trixibell: There is time for everything, it’s her turn.

Arnold Paul M: I hear she z coming to contest for Lord mayorship, salute.

Samz Mbowa: As if she’s de Mayor of the City!!!!!!

Akandwanaho G Empex: Let her enjoy on our money but she shd be careful coz M7 now days can chase evry1.

Xander Dance: It’s her turn.

Yiga Hassan Xavi: Tax payers’ money. Omunaku alabye.

Ivan Katumba: We need another reshuffle Sevo coz Jennifer may come in 2016, did you see her rally???

Unen Brian: It’s funny that the people who were against her chilled the most at the festival.

Kasozi Mulindwa: Muntu abantu balamu bagoma… she should be more cautious of all that flattery… mbu Nankulu.

BigBrother Trikky: Ani awakana?

Mukasa Eriabu: Let her be.

Mutangi Edrine: If da Kattikiro ov Uganda, Amama lost his seat, n who iz sijuyi… Nankulu. And Nankulu 4 what?

Shom Omar: Gwekiluma agende anywe obutwa oba yetugise omuguwa.

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