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gsp-ruyongaRapper Edwin Ruyonga’s lyrical profess swayed so many fans and even conquered a heart. Yes, Ruyonga’s hits ended up getting him close to Sheila Agaba. And as you read this, the two are not just boyfriend and girlfriend, but they graduated to husband and wife over the weekend.
Ruyonga and Sheila exchanged their vows at All Saints Cathedral in Kampala last Saturday before hosting guests to a reception at the nearby Hilton Hotel gardens.

Speaker after speaker hailed Ruyonga and Sheila for making such a “mature” and “Godly” step by being blessed in church union.
However, Ruyonga and Sheila’s wedding did not come on a silver-plate. The born-again youthful couple were on the spotlight after having a baby outside wedlock. The Ruyongas’ first child is now six months old.

Back then, the urban gospel rapper, answered his critics with a statement in which he made it clear that although it was not right to have a child out of wedlock, he was not sorry that he was having the baby, as babies are always gifts from God!
Congs Ruyonga and Sheila, we wish you a great marriage!

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