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Our girls are up for eviction again, get voting


The Ugandan housemates survived last week’s eviction which saw Mira [pictured below] from Mozambique and Resa from Zambia vacate the house. But unfortunately, both our girls are up for eviction again, together with seven other housemates.  Esther was nominated by five housemates and Ellah was the victim of the head of house powers.
Ellah will not be informed of her nomination until Sunday evening during the live eviction show so she is going on with her business normally.
People usually pick interest in the show when it gets sexualised so I bet the ratings went up when Mira kissed, not one, but two guys. She was obviously attracted to Luis but she kissed the other guy for the fun of it, if there is such a thing. She says it was a scheme in fact, because she kissed the second guy (Nhlanhla) right in front of Sheillah, who is attracted to and had been stroking him just a few minutes. The coupling has just started.
It is too early for the girls to leave the house, so log in on www. and vote for the girls or Sms Vote, a name and send it to  8884 at a fee of Shs500 across all networks.

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