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Four One One

Chameleone hires Chinese firm to drill boreholes in Karamoja


Apparently over the weekend, Singer Jose Chameleone tossed a glass in Roja’s direction.
The story is that all was well until the head of operations at Club Venom ordered Dj Roja to stop playing Chameleone’s music. But Chameleone sent his producer a flash disc and asked Roja to play his new song Cleopatra, so when Roja told the producer about the orders from his boss, Chameleone decided to storm the DJ booth himself.
The Wale Wale singer told Roja to either play the song or he would play it himself. “I stepped away and told him to do as he pleases,” DJ Roja told us. Chameleone played the song. He claims he was then summoned by the manager to the office for “breaching the club rules!” The singer claims that while he was trying to explain himself, he touched DJ Roja and instead the latter ‘took off like he was being attacked!’ However, Roja told us that Chameleone threw a glass at him. But Chameleone insisted that it was simply a miscommunication problem between him and Roja; “Roja is my good friend; he has played music at all my concerts. But there are people out there blowing this out of proportion,” Chameleone said.
Away from the scuffle, we have received info that Chameleone is in the final stages of talks with a Chinese firm that will install 100 boreholes in Karamoja after his One Million concert. We chanced on some of the documents from Chogging Gold Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Company Ltd and Chameleone will have to part with $ 512 (about Shs1.3m) for each borehole. Chameleone told us that the boreholes he intends to get for his charity concert will each have a solar panel and a water pump. The singer also told us that he will buy boreholes worth the number of people that will attend his concert; “even if I get 20 people, I’ll still get boreholes worth Shs20m; so I need support.”

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